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-Tsuboya, who has released Evangelion products for many years, will release the first Evangelion version of Evangelion as a plastic model.
-Evangelion New Theatrical Version Ver.'S Evangelion First Unit, produced by Tsujiya Prototype Master Yuichi Kuwamura, reproduced the TV version while inheriting a wide range of motion!

Gimmick commentary
-Opening gimmick: movable and reproducible. As in the play, it opens and closes after the jaw is lowered one step.
-Interlocking movement of entry plug: The entry plug is pulled out in conjunction with the movement of the back block.
-Deployment of shoulder knife storage: Reproduced with replacement parts.
-Interlocking movement of the neck joint: The throat moves when moving upward.
-Interlocking movement of the back armor: The back armor moves in conjunction with the movement of the shoulders forward.
-Attached umbilical cable can be connected.

Attached wrist
-Includes fist (left and right), palm (left and right), gun / knife handle (right), bent hand (left and right), and heel grip shape (left and right).
-With a wide variety of wrist parts made of PVC that can express abundant shapes, the assembly effort is reduced, the holding power is improved, and many scenes in the play can be reproduced.

Parts already painted
-Some parts such as white of eyes and green of the chin tip have been painted, and the first Evangelion that is close to the image in the play can be reproduced just by assembling.

Entry plug
Umbilical cable
Progressive knife
Pallet rifle
-Replacement parts for shoulder knife deployment reproduction
Replacement parts with 3mm holes to support optional MSG Flying Base R
Decal (includes decals for arm and shoulder marking)

-Compatible with MSG Flying Base R (sold separately), you can enjoy action poses in the play. (Can be connected not only to the buttock 3mm hole but also to the umbilical cable connection hole)

* This product is a remanufactured product.

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